Funny Jokes: How much Will Smith’s girlfriend love him?

Girlfriend: Honey, I can walk on fire for you, I can jump in the river…
Will Smith: I also love you very much. can you come to see me now?
Girlfriend: Have you gone mad, I turned black in the sun…

Wife: Before marriage, you used to take me to hotels, cinemas, and don’t know where else…. If you get married, you don’t even take you out of the house..
Husband: Have you ever seen anyone… campaigning after the election…

Teacher: Parker, do you know all about birds?
Parker: Yes…
Teacher: Just tell me which bird cannot fly?
Parker: the dead bird…!!

A teller got on the bus. He got a call. He picked up the phone and said… “Cut the hand, I will come and cut neck“. Hearing this, the entire bus became empty.

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