Funny Jokes: Oh man! today I saw your girlfriend taking bath

John: Friend, today I saw your girlfriend taking bath.
Monty: You bastard dog did not have any shame in doing this, I will kill you.
John: Friend, it is not my fault, it is her fault. The pond in which I was taking bath, she was passing through the road in front of that pond.

The boys came to see Marry

Marry’s mother: Our daughter is very wise
Boys: What does Marry do?
Marry’s mother: If she used to do nothing.
Boys: No, she must have been doing something all day long.
Marry’s mother
use mobile all day
eats 4 bread in the afternoon
3 plates of rice at night
And does shit at exactly 10 o’clock…

Wife: Listen, I have bought such nice clothes for your birthday that just don’t ask…
Husband (happily): Bring it, show it…
Wife: Yes, I will come wearing it now…

Mathue: My father has said that if I fail in the exam, he will get me married to a rickshaw puller.
Rancho: Oh wow! My father has said that if I fail, he will buy me a rickshaw.

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